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Between 1994 and 1998 I had five sweet medical romance novels released by Harlequin Mills and Boon which were translated into  eight languages: 
Priority Care  (1994)
Ongoing Care (1994)
Burnout (1994)
Trusting Dr Scott (1996)
Sunshine Remedy (1998)
Barbour Publishing (2001)

4-in-1 volume containing contemporary romance inspirational novels Search for Today (1996), Search for Yesterday (1995) and Search for Tomorrow (1993), plus Search for the Star, a novella originally published in the Christmas Dreams Anthology (1997).
Barbour Publishing (2003)

4-in-1 volume containing historical romance inspirational novels:

Faith in the Great Southland (originally released in 1999)
The convict and the lady: Bound for home in Australia on a convict ship Elizabeth Waverly meets John Martin. There's something special about the man that doesn't match his present state as a prisoner - but will he be only a bittersweet memory when Elizabeth and John part ways Down Under?

Hope in the Great Southland (originally released in 1999)
The lawyer and the aristocrat: Kate Farnley's cousin is scheming to take her family's English estate and let another man die a prisoner in his place. Adam Stevens has traveled from Australia to prove John Martin's innocence. Can Kate help Adam without losing all she holds dear?
Heartsong Presents (1994)

An accident has reduced her to long months of recuperation, and a broken engagement has placed her in the throes of a deep depression. Not only that, but for the first time Brenda Sparks feels totally unloved and unattractive. Her life is at an all-time low. Unable to secure a new position as a nurse, Brenda accepts Dr. Blake Warwyck's offer as a last resort. Caring for his younger brother Rick, injured in a car accident, is better than nothing. But Blake, a man with his own struggles, sees life differently, and he wants Brenda to share his vision. Like Blake, Brenda must be willing to dream anything is possible.
special edition 2005 hardcover release

Below are a list of my published credits to date.  While most are unfortunately out of print, some may still be available second-hand from Alibris or Powells
Writing Accolades

Australian Outback received a four-star Romantic Times review.

awarded Barbour's Certificate of Honour for Second Favourite Author in their Heartsong Presents Readers Poll.

Faith in the Great Southland received a 4-star Romantic Times review and was the 5th favorite Heartsong Presents historical for the year.

Search for Tomorrow received a four-star Affaire de Coeur review.
Love in the Great Southland (originally released in 1999)
The reverend and his bride of convenience: William Garrett has known Beth since she was a child, but he has made it clear that their marriage will not include love. Still, she would follow him anywhere - including the wilderness of Australia. There she also needs to help John Martin and ease her conscience about her part in his conviction and sentence for murder. Can her dreams for a miracle of love survive?

Great Southland Gold (originally released in 2002)
The rancher and the gold miner: Travelling from California, Patricia Casey seeks her brother in the Australian gold fields. When she accidentally injures Tim Hardy, the son of Adam Stevens and John Martin's best friend, she must flee from unjust accusations and the threat of prison. Will Patricia ever find the peace and love she desires? Can these four couples discover a deepening faith and a lasting love while tackling the challenges of life in the Australian outback? Will they find that no land is too wild for God?
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